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Photo Healing

Photo Healing

If you are interested in a healing through a photo I can do that from a distance for you. It will help you to get your balance back, release stress and it will get you back in your strength and energy. During a healing week, I will also release any outside energies or influences that are affecting your energy field.

Especially high sensitive souls are absorbing a lot of energies during a day and if you absorb this for a longer period of time, it can effect your energy, your mental and physical health. So it can be very helpful to feel balanced again.

During a healing period, you will also expierence your body will release a lot of (old) emotions that might have been creating blockages in your life.
Often I hear that people get little signs during the healing period because the energies want to leave your system. (like feeling hot and cold, sweating, or other small ways for our physical bodies to release emotions, stress and things like that).

It will take me a week to do a photo healing. I will be healing through your picture on daily basis for a whole week. After 3 days, you will start to notice changes in your energy. (often the first days it is all about release and the days after that, you will feel more energized again).

I have Reiki and many other skills that I have learned over the years, but for the photo healings I will always let the source energy flow through me. So it will always be from a high frequency with my intentions by heart.

I ask € 100,- for a photo healing.

This is possible for children as well. Especially highly sensitive children, or children having sleepless nights can benefit from this. I hear great results from the parents by balancing energies with sensitive children.

Please e-mail your picture and request to

The € 100,- payment can be done through my PayPal account.

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