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Guest Book

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Ivana Ivana Markovic
12-05-22 04:45:00
Since I discover Sabine, I immediately felt so connected with her readings and messages. She did readings for me as well as energy checks occasionally. I must say she is an angel on this earth, she is truly gifted and most important so kind and generous person. I am so grateful for knowing her and connecting with her as she helped me a lot with her energy and guidance. For me it is enough to just listen her talking on you tube and I will be lifted whole day. It is something really special in her voice and the way she speaks. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and I am wishing her all the best, God bless you Sabine!! Love & Light
Ivana xx
Diana S
06-05-22 15:52:24
I recently had an email reading with Sibine and it was one of the most beautiful readings I've ever had done. She is a true gem and her psychic abilities are a true gift. I follow Sabine on Instagram and look forward to reading her posts everyday. I will say if you have any doubts please don't, she is authentic and honest in her readings. I will come back for many more.

05-05-22 21:13:12
Sabine is an earth angel - that would be the best way to describe her. She is pure, kind, loving and genuine and an incredibly powerful reader and healer.
I have had both readings and healing sessions with her and can strongly recommend her for both. She does the most insightful and encouraging readings - and listening to them feels both empowering and healing at the same time. As they are recorded on video, you can watch them many times and each time you understand and heal yet another layer.
My mother, a dear friend of mine and I also had healing sessions with Sabine and they have been equally powerful. we all felt uplifted, lighter and more balanced and grounded after a week-long healing with Sabine. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sabine from the bottom of my heart, as her support has been absolutely instrumental to managing a few very challenging situations and transitions in the past few months ❤
04-05-22 17:27:19
Sabine is one of the most pure channels around. The time, care, and deep love she puts into each and every reading is very obvious! Her insights are specific and clear. Thank you, Sabine for all the light you put into the world!
03-05-22 23:22:37
I'm very glad I got a reading from Sabine. I chose the " enrgey of my person " reading. The reading was very detailed and I like how she included a photo of the cards she pulled. Her reading gave me a lot of clarity around his current feelings. She did mention a couple of things that really did resonate. She responded to me so quickly as well. Her energy is beautiful. Thank you again, Sabine! ❤️
03-05-22 20:15:45
Sabine is so real, straight forward and so positive person. Her energy is amazing. She understands where you are coming from, with a lot of patience she answers your question. I have been her big fan since she started her YT channel.
With her personal readings she helped me to find the answers and she provides the advice many times over these years. Sometimes you are so occupied with the daily stuff, you dont see the simplicity in front of you. Sabine with her cards helps a lot. What she sees, feels, channels and says-it really happens and in so accurate and timely manner.
I recommend Sabine’s YT channel and her personal readings to Everyone and for any reason.
Sonaami Ghale
03-05-22 18:52:07
She is a wonderful reader, very positive and pure hearted. Her beautiful heart can be reflected in her readings
03-05-22 08:28:32
Sabine is amazing! Her readings help me so much and also resonate a lot everytime.
There was once, she told me to expect a miracle soon, as I had been through a lot I'm life and 2 days later, my won was coming back to live with me, a complete different person, loving and respectful.
I love her energy and always look forward to her readings and posts. Thank you Sabine for being such a loving soul. I appreciate you. Sending you lots of love ❤
02-05-22 19:36:55
Sabine is wonderfully intuitive reader. It’s more than a tarot reading as Sabine picks up on deeper themes through her spiritual gifts. I’m very discerning when it comes to readers as I can spot a false reader easily. Sabine is a pure channel, and although I am very intuitive myself , I love to have a reading from Sabine as a treat and I’m never disappointed. She is a skilled reader. The readings give me comfort and make me smile. Have a reading you will not regret it!
Naëmi M
02-05-22 19:30:02
Last year december 2021 i was guided by the Universe to purchased two readings by this amazing person with a such beautiful soul namend Sabine. To this day i am still impressed!She is very intuitive and her readings are very accurate!!! Thank you for channeling all those beautiful messages for me. Much love ..Naëmi
Dajan Krijger
02-05-22 14:29:59
Sabine is mijn lichtpuntje in donkere dagen, mijn steun en toeverlaat op mijn reis met mijn TZ
Dank voor al je inzichten, steun en warmte
Liefs Dajan
Olivia F
02-05-22 13:39:27
Sabine and her intuition are gifts from the universe. I have purchased multiple readings from her during some of my most difficult times, and she has helped me to regain my clarity, faith and positivity. She has the most beautiful uplifting way of delivering guidance. Every reading is a blessing. I have so much gratitude xx
02-05-22 12:36:59
Since being introduced to Sabine by a trusted friend in 2021, I've had readings and healing sessions with her. I am grateful to have experienced the joy of receiving her gifts and have shared this opportunity with many more friends. Healing with Sabine is an amazing 7 days experience and every day, I became lighter and lighter with it that at the end of the process, what weighed heavily in my energetic field in the beginning dissolved. Sabine was so communicative that I could also share what I experienced during the whole week with her. It was amazing teamwork. My readings with her resonated strongly with what I felt and experienced. In it, her energy felt so loving and pure, which made the readings so much more powerful and healing. Thank you, Sabine, for your generosity in helping us all
Anastasia Jay
07-04-22 22:52:12
I did a reading back in August of last year and I went back today to see the video and wow! I mean spot on with the person I was asking about. She was incredibly honest that he would not be the one for me and she could not have been more right. I appreciate how honest she is regardless of the outcome. It is rare to find readers like this. She is incredibly sweet and detailed in her readings. Truly gifted! She is a hidden secret 🤫 🤗

Love and light,
Anastasia (U.S.)
Marko Calic
10-11-21 11:40:53
Sabine Tyvm for your reading, it helped me a lot. You're accurate and everything you've said, resonates an makes much sense. 😉
So guys, if you ever get stucked in life, be sure you contact Sabine, she may have an important advice for you.
God bless you. 😉 🍀
Charlene Palmarozza
15-06-21 10:38:49
Sabine is amazing! Her readings help me so much and also resonate a lot everytime.
I love her energy and always look forward to her readings and posts. Thank you Sabine for being such a loving and beautiful light to us all, I appreciate you.
Hannah Louise
21-05-21 09:55:41
I found Sabine on YouTube and Instagram and loved how her readings always came across with such warmth and genuine care. I had a personal written reading done for me which has helped loads with giving some clarity to a current situation I’m in. Sabine responses really quickly and the picture of the cards and messages pulled was lovely to see.
Thank you so much Sabine! I’m so grateful for everything you do :)
Roz Miles
26-04-21 22:09:32
I found Sabine on YouTube a few months ago.
As an energy intuitive healer , I picked up on her beautiful soul and warm spirit.
Sabine sent me a personal reading today and it was absolutely spot on !!

She has a very caring and attentive nature this comes through in her very accurate readings .
Thank you Sabine all the way from UK 💜⭐️💫
Surya Payaniandy
26-04-21 14:59:27
Sabine is the best in her readings! Trust her and go ahead for a reading with her ❤️😘

Katja Ketzler
02-04-21 22:55:55
Hoi Sabine,

Ik wilde je nogmaals hartelijk danken voor de 2 geschreven readings, beide kloppend als een zwerende vinger! zo blij met wat ik las en hoever ik zelf al ben gekomen, mag trots op mezelf zijn.

Veel liefs, Katja
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