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Guest Book

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Ivana Ivana Markovic
12-05-22 04:45:00
Since I discover Sabine, I immediately felt so connected with her readings and messages. She did readings for me as well as energy checks occasionally. I must say she is an angel on this earth, she is truly gifted and most important so kind and generous person. I am so grateful for knowing her and connecting with her as she helped me a lot with her energy and guidance. For me it is enough to just listen her talking on you tube and I will be lifted whole day. It is something really special in her voice and the way she speaks. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and I am wishing her all the best, God bless you Sabine!! Love & Light
Ivana xx
Diana S
06-05-22 15:52:24
I recently had an email reading with Sibine and it was one of the most beautiful readings I've ever had done. She is a true gem and her psychic abilities are a true gift. I follow Sabine on Instagram and look forward to reading her posts everyday. I will say if you have any doubts please don't, she is authentic and honest in her readings. I will come back for many more.

05-05-22 21:13:12
Sabine is an earth angel - that would be the best way to describe her. She is pure, kind, loving and genuine and an incredibly powerful reader and healer.
I have had both readings and healing sessions with her and can strongly recommend her for both. She does the most insightful and encouraging readings - and listening to them feels both empowering and healing at the same time. As they are recorded on video, you can watch them many times and each time you understand and heal yet another layer.
My mother, a dear friend of mine and I also had healing sessions with Sabine and they have been equally powerful. we all felt uplifted, lighter and more balanced and grounded after a week-long healing with Sabine. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sabine from the bottom of my heart, as her support has been absolutely instrumental to managing a few very challenging situations and transitions in the past few months ❤
04-05-22 17:27:19
Sabine is one of the most pure channels around. The time, care, and deep love she puts into each and every reading is very obvious! Her insights are specific and clear. Thank you, Sabine for all the light you put into the world!
03-05-22 23:22:37
I'm very glad I got a reading from Sabine. I chose the " enrgey of my person " reading. The reading was very detailed and I like how she included a photo of the cards she pulled. Her reading gave me a lot of clarity around his current feelings. She did mention a couple of things that really did resonate. She responded to me so quickly as well. Her energy is beautiful. Thank you again, Sabine! ❤️
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