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My name is Sabine Kuvener and I am an intuitive reader. Ever since I was young I do readings and healings. Always with the intention to get you back into your strength and to raise your energy while moving forward in life. A reading can be about all aspects of your life.

(I will not answer health issues, because I believe that is for doctors)

You can follow me on Instagram and on my YouTube channel: Blossom Tarot Reading

Video Reading

If you are interested in a Video reading, please send me an e-mail to:

You can ask your questions in the mail and I will make your private video reading for you. I prefer that you send a picture with your questions. It helps me to connect to your energy and make the reading as accurate as I can.

I am from The Netherlands, so you can ask me to do the reading in English or Dutch.

Payment for the personal video reading:

You can transfer € 50,- through my paypal me account:

Written (tarot) reading with current energy messages from your person

Another option is to receive a written spread, with messages from your person as I do daily on my Instagram account. That will be like an energy check on the current energy of your person.You can send your request to

I will ask € 10,- for a written energy check. Payment can be done through my PayPal account. 

Photo Healing

If you are interested in a healing through a photo I can do that from a distance for you. It will help you to get your balance back, release stress and get you back in your strength and energy. It will take me a week to do a photo healing. I will be healing through your picture on daily basis for a whole week. I ask € 25,- for a photo healing. This is possible for children as well. Especially highly sensitive children, or children having sleepless nights can benefit from this. I hear great results from the parents by balancing energies with sensitive children. Please e-mail your picture and request to

Payment can be done through my PayPal account.

If you would like to share your experience please leave me a comment in my guest book. Guest Book

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Instagram to follow the daily free spreads

If you would like to make a donation to my free channels it can be done through PayPal: